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Exploring Experimental Hematology: August 2018 (Volume 64)

We are beginning a new blog series on SimplyBlood called “Exploring Experimental Hematology .” Here we will highlight and deconstruct some our favorite manuscripts from the ISEH society journal. Welcome to entry 1. If you are a millennial or are raising a post-millennial you must be familiar with unboxing YouTube videos where you can watch someone open a new item and then explain the item in detail. While I might not fully understand why my kids enjoy watching other kids open toys, I do get the excitement of sharing my thoughts and deconstructing a new and exciting Experimental Hematology article for the community. In this blog, I'll be exploring the review “ Hematopoietic stem cell fate through metabolic control ” by Kyoko Ito and Keisuke Ito. My reason for reading the paper: They have provided us with an excellent review on HSC and metabolism that is a must read for anyone in the HSC field. I still remember the first time I heard a Toshio Suda talk about hematopoietic