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Lab Spotlight: Helgason Lab

Lab Spotlight Vignir Helgason, School of Cancer Sciences, University of Glasgow Each month, Simply Blood spotlights a lab focused on the research of basic hematology, immunology, stem cell research, cell and gene therapy, and other related aspects. Get to know these different labs around the world! This month, we are featuring the Helgasson Lab at the School of Cancer Sciences at the University of Glasgow! What is the research focus of your lab? My lab focuses on basic cellular processes such as autophagy and metabolism in leukaemia. We are trying to exploit vulnerabilities in these processes and identify ways to develops better treatment options. Did you plan your career and how did it develop? No, to be honest, I never really had a master plan for my career. However, I was always good in seeking advice from people who could help me achieve my goals. During my studies at the University of Iceland, deCODE Genetics, a biopharmaceutical company based in Reykjavik, was founded, and offer

ISEH 2023 Virtual Career Fair

Finding the postdoc position that best fits the next step in your career can be a challenge. To help put great trainees in touch with great faculty providing postdoc opportunities, the ISEH New Investigator Committee has put together the ISEH 2023 Virtual Career Fair . This live and interactive career fair will be held on Tuesday, 18 April 2023 from 15:00-17:00 CDT ( click here to see in your time zone ). This event is FREE for all PhD students and postdocs ! You do not need to be an ISEH member. Click here to register .  What is it? Participants will be sent a link to an online networking platform. This places you inside a virtual room, with each hiring PI seated at their own table. You can join a table to talk with the PI and other trainees there. This provides the perfect opportunity to introduce yourself, why you are interested in a position in their laboratory, and how you could be a good fit in their team. You will be free to move to other tables throughout the duration of the ev