ISEH 2023 Virtual Career Fair

Finding the postdoc position that best fits the next step in your career can be a challenge. To help put great trainees in touch with great faculty providing postdoc opportunities, the ISEH New Investigator Committee has put together the ISEH 2023 Virtual Career Fair. This live and interactive career fair will be held on Tuesday, 18 April 2023 from 15:00-17:00 CDT (click here to see in your time zone).

This event is FREE for all PhD students and postdocs! You do not need to be an ISEH member.

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What is it?

Participants will be sent a link to an online networking platform. This places you inside a virtual room, with each hiring PI seated at their own table. You can join a table to talk with the PI and other trainees there.

This provides the perfect opportunity to introduce yourself, why you are interested in a position in their laboratory, and how you could be a good fit in their team.
You will be free to move to other tables throughout the duration of the event.

Who is hiring?

This career fair promises participation from up to 50 hiring labs and industry partners, including:
Marjorie Brand (University of Wisconsin in Madison, USA)
Lee Grimes (Cincinnati Children's Hospital, USA)
Mick Milsom (HI-STEM gGmbH, Germany)
Katrin Ottersbach (University of Edinburgh, UK)
Toshio Suda (Keio University, Japan)
Jennifer Trowbridge (The Jackson Laboratory, USA)
Peter van Galen (Harvard Stem Cell Institute, USA)

Why should I participate?

Connecting with multiple high profile hiring labs from all over the world from the comfort of your desk is convenient, accessible and efficient.

Here is what attendees said about the 2022 ISEH Virtual Career Fair:
Meeting a variety of PIs at the ISEH Virtual Career Fair was great. Even better was meeting like-minded researchers who have gone on to become friends. We now run into each other at conferences and have introduced each other to our networks. I'd recommend the ISEH career fair to anyone looking for their next postdoc, or just to network.
-- Chris Mapperley, Queen Mary University of London

The ISEH Virtual Career Fair was an incredibly well organised and easy networking event to attend. It was wonderful to be able to meet researchers from across the globe all in one space without the hassle (and cost!) of international travel. I found it an invaluable event in starting my search for a post-doc position.
-- Elizabeth Lieschke, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, Melbourne

How do I get the most out of the Career Fair?

Do your research. Take some time to research the companies that will be participating. This will help you to identify who you are most interested in and to prepare questions that you can ask.

Have your elevator pitch ready. Be prepared to clearly and concise describe why you are interested in a position, and why you’d be a good fit. It’s also an advantage to have an up-to-date CV ready to share.

Be ready to follow up. If you are interested in a postdoc position that you discussed at the fair, take the initiative and contact the PI again to continue the discussion.

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