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2021 Interview Spotlight Series: Part II

This week on Simply Blood we continue our 2021 Interview Spotlight Series! In Part II we are highlighting the ISEH 2021 Janet Rowley Award Winner: Elisa Laurenti, Ph.D . Click below to listen as Dr. Laurenti answers questions about her scientific passions, career path, mentorship and more. Interested in hearing more about Dr. Laurenti’s fascinating work?  Don’t miss her session at this year’s ISEH Virtual Scientific Meeting ! Dr Elisa Laurenti Sir Henry Dale Fellow - Group Leader Wellcome Trust - Medical Research Council Cambridge Stem Cell Institute Centre for Haematopoiesis and Leukemia Research - Department of Haematology - University of Cambridge Jeffrey Cheah Biomedical Centre Cambridge Biomedical Campus Interviewed by Myriam Haltalli  ISEH New Investigators Committee  & Kellie Machlus of the ISEH Junior PI Committee

Lab Spotlight: The Velten Lab

Each month, Simply Blood spotlights a lab focused on the research of basic hematology, immunology, stem cell research, cell and gene therapy, and other related aspects. Get to know these different labs around the world! This month, we are featuring the Velten Lab at the Centre for Genomic Regulation located in Barcelona, Spain! How long have you had your lab? I only started in January 2020. There was a pandemic for almost 90% of the time that my lab has existed… Fortunately, the Spanish anti-Corona measures were only really tough for three months. So, despite everything, we were able to grow together as a team and get experimental work done. What was your biggest transition from a post-doc to a group leader/lab PI? To me, it felt like a big relief. As a senior postdoc, I was leading or co-leading three projects and was involved in even more. The number of projects I’m involved in is definitely not getting smaller, but now I can strategically grow a team of independent and dedicated res

2021 Interview Spotlight Series: Part I

This week on Simply Blood we are kicking off our 2021 Interview Spotlight Series. In Part I we are featuring the ISEH 2021 New Investigator’s Invitee: Dan Landau, M.D, Ph.D. Here, Dr. Landau answers questions about his scientific passions, unusual but highly successful career path, mentorship and more. Interested in hearing more about Dr. Landau’s fascinating work? Don’t miss his session at this year’s ISEH Virtual Scientific Meeting ! 1. What is your key scientific question? What do you consider as your major contribution to the field over the past 5 years? The lab’s key scientific question is exploring the fundamental principles of human somatic evolution. We are fascinated by the realization that the trillions of cells in our body continuously evolve throughout life, with significant implication to human health and disease. Cancer represents an extreme case of human somatic evolution where in a “runaway process” cells evolve more rapidly at the expense of the multi-cellular host. O