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Announcing the Next Editor-in-Chief of Experimental Hematology: Toshio Suda

The ISEH has appointed Toshio Suda, Professor at the Cancer Science Institute at the National University of Singapore and Director of the International Research Center for Medical Sciences Kumamoto University, as the next editor-in-chief of Experimental Hematology , the society journal. Professor Suda will succeed Connie Eaves, Professor at the University of British Columbia, CA, who has led the journal since 2017. “We are thrilled that Toshio will be the next Experimental Hematology Editor-in-Chief.” said ISEH president Andrew Elefanty. “He follows on from Connie’s tenure which has seen a steady rise in journal impact as the society and journal reputation grow. Toshio’s exemplary reputation in the field and extensive background in HSC biology and other editorial roles makes him an excellent choice for this position.” For nearly 50 years, Experimental Hematology has published landmark papers in the field and has stood as a society run journal for the benefit of its members. Its focus