Welcome to our blog: Simply Blood

As members of the International Society of Hematology (ISEH), we place great value in the communication and collaboration occurring between our colleagues around the world. This blog has been established to help continue those interactions beyond the annual meeting and past the purely scientific realm. We hope Simply Blood will act as a lively platform for open discussions about how we function, grow and engage as scientists.

Simply Blood posts will come from ALL the voices of ISEH: from the most established PIs to our graduate students in training. We hope that our opinion pieces spark open and honest discussion among members and non-members alike, with thoughtful consideration and respect for all sides of the issues raised. It should be noted directly that all posts are opinions, and reflect the thoughts of the writer in the context of their own experiences, and are not formal endorsements or statements from the ISEH Executive board, the Publications committee or the membership as a whole. That said, the posts are intended to provide both thought provoking and constructive commentary on our lives as scientists beyond the bench, and act as a platform for the free exchange of ideas.

Starting from this point forward, we intend to post several new pieces per month, and will continue discussion on any topic for as long as there is active discourse. ISEH members have generously committed to writing pieces covering topics such as interpersonal relationships in the workplace- being an effective manager, finding a career mentor, handling gender bias; career development- finding a good lab/PI, conducting a job search, writing a grant, establishing collaborations; and life as a scientist- finding balance, juggling a family and career, moving a lab and family. Members of the ISEH Publications committee have agreed to serve as solicitor, editor and sometimes writer for Simply Blood, but we need your interest and help to make it a success. Please give us feedback on what works (or doesn’t work) as well as suggestions for future topics. If you are interested in getting involved in a more formal way, we are happy to consider your own submissions for posting. The success of the blog depends on you, the users, and we fully anticipate that a community as lively and interactive as ISEH will have plenty of helpful tips, thoughtful suggestions and sometimes simply a good ear to offer our friends and colleagues.

Best wishes for happiness and success in 2016 and beyond- welcome to our blog: Simply Blood
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Trista E. North, PhD
Chair, ISEH Publications Committee

Associate Professor of Pathology
Harvard Medical School
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Boston, MA USA


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