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On quality mentor/mentee relationships in science

Is there anything new that another blog could add to this more or less dead horse? Maybe, and if not, at least you can figure that out on your own after reading my little paragraphs. Mentoring and being mentored in science is as important as it is in business. Most scientists are actually small entrepreneurs in a creative setting, acquiring income via selling ideas and generating impact via selling information. A high quality mentor/mentee relationship will help the team to survive, succeed and thus thrive. Here are 3 points to consider for achieving a successful mentor/mentee relationship: It is a mutual relationship that will let both mentor and mentee shine . It is based on trust . Meetings or interactions need to be regular, but not frequent. Shine: Finding the right mentor/mentee combination is like dating. It will not always work the first time (although it sometimes does), but usually only after a while. It is also fine to have distinct mentors or mentees for specif

Three Tips for Delivering Effective Presentations

“ A successful speech begins with great science and results from your daily hard work, champions are made in the pre-season.” Sean Morrison.   In preparation for our annual meeting, to be held in San Diego, our members have recently shared their advice on submitting “eye-catching” abstracts. If you did submit an abstract, you will soon find out from ISEH if your abstract has been selected, and whether it was chosen for an oral or a poster presentation. Oral presentations are a great opportunity to get you and your science noticed. If your abstract was chosen for an oral presentation, your science already got the reviewers’ attention, now it is time to close the deal and deliver an exciting and clear presentation. For the top students and postdocs, ISEH offers prizes for the best oral presentations, so it is a great opportunity to be recognized for your science and your communication skills.   The most successful scientists are those that not only excel at cutting-edge research,