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Making The Leap, Pt. 1: Interview Preparation

“Hm. Here’s my suit…now where’s my belt??” -Me, at the hotel getting ready for an interview During my job search in 2015, I interviewed at seven academic institutions and one biotech company. In the end I was offered positions at the company as a scientist and at three universities as tenure-track faculty. Each interview was its own unique story. One interview location was a long morning haul to the institution via rental car for a first-thing-in-the morning seminar. A blizzard during a different interview left me stranded in the town the day before I was supposed to fly to Keystone for a conference. The biotech interview was nothing like the academic interviews. Ultimately the process was certainly intense, but also fun and extraordinarily valuable for a young scientist. It’s your first chance to essentially ‘go on tour’ with your own scientific identity. This post is the first in a series relating to making the leap between postdoc to faculty. The goal is to relate some of my ins

2017 ISEH Journal Club: Q&A with Jeff Bernitz

The New Investigators Committee is excited to announce a new ISEH Journal Club for 2017. We will be starting with an exciting publication by Jeff Bernitz, Kateri Moore and colleagues, entitled Hematopoietic Stem Cells Count and Remember Self-Renewal Divisions , recently published in CELL .   This first ISEH Journal Club will run 23 rd -30 th January. During this time, Jeff Bernitz will be answering any questions you have about the paper on the ISEH Facebook page . Please join the ISEH Facebook group, post your questions and join the discussion!   To help introduce this paper and start the discussion, we conducted a Q&A with paper’s first author, Jeff Bernitz. Jeff is a current PhD student with Kateri Moore at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai .   Question 1. What are the key findings of your paper? Jeff: I think there were several key findings in the paper, but in the end these can be boiled down to two. The first is that cells within the HSC compartment

Simply Thankful

Wow! 2016 flew by. I can’t say that it went as expected, or necessarily even as hoped, but there is a new year dawning and another chance to begin anew and grow scientifically, professionally and personally. Much to my honest surprise and delight, our “Simply Blood” blog has been a well-received and well-read success! It was wonderful to see the numbers of readers steadily increase, and to get such positive feedback at the ISEH meeting on the topics we have covered so far. My sincere thanks to all those who contributed over this past year and to those who continue to check out each post. Also a huge thank you to the rest of the publications committee for stepping up to fill in the production schedule, generating new ideas, acting as informal editors, and for an overall positive outlook on the whole experience. G iven the encouraging reception to our first year, we have many exciting new things planned for 2017. We have added some recurring blog themes, such as a focus on the experi