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ISEH 2022 Junior Faculty Session Highlights

 Junior PI Networking Event – Raging Bull, Edinburgh, Scotland (Friday Sept. 2, 20:00-23:00) The newly formed Junior PI committee is following on from its successful webinar series highlighting the “ Journey and Lessons Learned ” by hosting a dedicated Junior PI Networking Event at this year’s ISEH Annual Meeting to build a strong, supportive community of junior faculty worldwide Starting out as a new PI can be a daunting proposition with challenges including moving to an entirely new institute, reducing hands-on time in the laboratory, securing competitive grant funding and the need to recruit new staff and students. All whilst sustaining scientific productivity and maintaining a work/life balance. It pays to remember that science at its core is a ‘ human business ’, with building meaningful relationships, a sense of community and learning through shared experience all being essential to the progress of science.   Whilst the sharing of knowledge has been accelerated and democratized t