President's Message: Welcome to ISEH 2021!

On behalf of ISEH, the International Society for Experimental Hematology, I would like to thank you for being a part of ISEH 2021. This year we begin the celebration of 50 years of unparalleled science as coalesced around a professional society and annual international meeting. While we are not able to meet in person in 2021, we hope that this virtual meeting provides an opportunity for you to re-connect with science and colleagues from around the world.   

Through a combination of invited keynote speakers and oral presentations, the ISEH meeting boasts educational sessions on basic, translational and clinical hematology featuring internationally-renowned scientists as well as rising young investigators.  Presenting cutting-edge research is only one of the features of the Annual Meeting. To maximize presentations and audience engagement, we again continue the sessions we started last year called “Featured Posters.” These lightning talks to advertise posters again promise to be brilliant presentations and a great place for discussion and engagement, which can continue through the platform chat and messaging functions. 

To our existing and new ISEH members, we hope you find this meeting rewarding and we hook you into continuing your engagement with ISEH year-round as well. Some of our new exciting initiatives to be on the lookout for over the coming year include:

  • Continuing to raise the impact of Experimental Hematology, the ISEH Society journal
  • New approaches to support students, post-doctoral fellows, and junior PIs, as they navigate to the next steps in their career 
  • Broadening our society’s membership, expanding the scientific education mission, and further strengthening the society financially

We are thrilled to have you join the ISEH meeting as we begin our celebration of 50 years as a society, look forward to meeting in Edinburgh next year, and lay the groundwork for 50 more years of brilliant research discoveries and rewarding annual meetings! 


Patricia Ernst, PhD
ISEH 2020 – 2021 President

Ulrich Steidl, MD, PhD
ISEH 2021 Scientific Program Committee Chair


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