ExpHem Has a New Look!

In time for our 50th anniversary celebration, ISEH’s flagship journal, Experimental Hematology, is launching a new cover look! 

We love our new colors! To highlight the ties between ISEH and ExpHem, we have a new color scheme. Instead of the current white background, we decided to adopt a full cover display of images of interest upon which we can also more clearly highlight the journal title and the ISEH logo.

Cover submissions: We really appreciate our authors and to celebrate their continued exciting scientific contributions, we decided to start asking for cover pictures or art alongside article submissions. We will always include a short acknowledgement of the contributor on the inside of the cover and start to display selected covers of ExpHem at our annual meetings alongside author bios to celebrate the creativity of the society. Come on and send us your next submission with a cover suggestion!

In the first issue displaying the new style cover, will appear an obituary to Dr. Hal Broxmeyer with his picture also on the cover.

We hope you will like our new look. Keep your eyes peeled!
Blog post contributed by Dr. Kristina Kirschner, 2021-2022 Chair of the ISEH Publications Committee.


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