ISEH 2022: Come and Join Us in Edinburgh!

Currently planning your conference schedule for 2022? Make sure to pencil in the ISEH 51st Annual Scientific Meeting being held in Edinburgh, Scotland from 1-4 September. Apart from amazing science, education, and networking opportunities, Edinburgh is always worth a visit. Why not explore the medieval streets and castle of Edinburgh or stroll through some of the many free museums in the city? Have you read Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown? Go and visit Roslyn chapel where it all plays out! And if you are looking for a break to refresh your brain, go for a stroll in the Botanic Gardens or up Arthur’s seat for amazing views of the city.

Mary King’s Close, Old Town: Over the centuries, Edinburgh was built further up on top of old streets and buildings, many of which still exist as an underground city. Through Mary King’s Close, part of the underground city can be accessed in guided tours that take you along buried cobblestone streets into former houses and shops and give you a fantastic insight into Edinburgh’s history. 

Edinburgh Castle, Old Town: This stunning castle is located right in the city centre and offers great views over the city as well as displays of some exciting historical artefacts such as the Scottish Crown Jewels, The Stone of Destiny on which the Scottish Kings were crowned and Scottish military history.

National Museum of Scotland, Old Town: This is a fantastic museum in a stunning building that covers everything from natural history, geology, Scottish and world history, fashion to science and technology (including Dolly the Sheep). It is a great day out with a lot of interactive displays.

National Gallery of Modern Art, Dean Village: This museum, which has a nice selection of modern art and often some excellent temporary exhibitions, can be reached from the city centre via a beautiful walk along the Water of Leith which will also take you through the lovely historical Dean Village, the former site of water mills next to the stunning Dean Bridge.

Royal Yacht Britannia, Leith: This was the official yacht of the Queen and is now permanently moored in the docks of Leith, which is also a great area for restaurants. It can be visited and has a lot of information on the royal family and the trips undertaken on their yacht.

Roslyn Chapel, Roslyn (just outside of Edinburgh): Made famous through the finale of Dan Brown’s ‘Da Vinci Code’, Rosslyn Chapel is a beautiful little chapel with stunning stone masonry and a lot of history. It is located next to Roslin Glen, a gorge with beautiful walks along the river and through woodlands.

Botanic Gardens, Inverleith: Within walking distance from the city centre, these beautiful gardens are very extensive with a lot of different areas (arboretum, rock gardens, Chinese garden etc.) and is a nice place for a picnic.

Arthur’s Seat, Holyrood: Edinburgh’s very own extinct volcano, Arthur’s Seat is situated within Holyrood Park, next to Holyrood Palace, the Queen’s official residence in Edinburgh (which can also be visited), is one of the most famous landmarks in Edinburgh. It is great for some lovely nature works and stunning views of the city.

We look forward to seeing you in Edinburgh! Click here to register now!

Blog post contributed by: 
Kristina Kirschner, PhD - @krikirschner
Group Leader, Institute of Cancer Sciences/ CRUK Beatson Institute
University of Glasgow, Scotland

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